Oil Portraits by Jan Way

Dallas Fort Worth Oil Portrait Artist

Commissioning a Portrait-


THE GOAL of both the portrait artist and the client is the creation of a painting which is pleasing, captures the likeness and personality of the subject, and is able to stand on its own merits as a work of art.

* On the average, for a larger painting, it will take two to three meetings over a period of around three months to produce a quality portrait. Smaller paintings can often be done in a few weeks.  I try to work within the time-frame of the customers needs. The first meeting can be either at the subjects home or at the studio of the artist. The basic composition of the portrait (size, pose, format, type of clothing, tone, background, and lighting) is determined and a series of photographs are taken, or current photographs are accessed.  Photographs provided by the client must include a written release from the photographer for copyright purposes.  If the photographs are taken by the artist, there will be a second meeting in which the photos are analyzed and the final decision is made as to pose and tone of the painting.  Sometimes, additional photos are taken at this time. 
When possible, sitting time of the subject may also be requested in addition to the photographic reference.  Upon completion of the painting, a meeting is arranged for the final touch-ups and delivery of the portrait.  Clients are encouraged to come by at intervals to assess progress and offer critiques.

* One third of the COST of the portrait is due at the first meeting. The remaining balance is due upon the completion of the portrait. If the sitter does not accept the final portrait, the INITIAL DEPOSIT is nonrefundable, the remaining balance dispensed with.

* The portrait becomes the possession of the client upon the payment of balance. In the event the agreement cannot be kept on the part of the sitter due to nonpayment of balance due, the portrait remains in the possession of the artist.


* Rights: Artist will own the copyright and the right to display works produced and will retain slides/computer files of the works for use in exhibits and competitions. Artist also has rights of publication and reproduction of the works including but not limited to use of the works in: websites, publications, and promotion and advertising.

        * In the event that the portrait is damaged, lost, or stolen while in                   possession of the artist, the artist shall begin another portrait at no                additional expense to the client.