Oil Portraits by Jan Way

Dallas Fort Worth Oil Portrait Artist


by Leonard
First of all let me say that I could have chosen a lot of other artist but, Mrs.Way. I'm sorry, Jan, by far is one that obviously not only puts her mind and soul in her paintings but her heart as well! If you're looking for somebody to paint that special someone, I would highly recommend Mrs.Way. Jan is very gifted and above all blessed with her talent!  Just after a few minutes talking with her, not only could she see the painting I wanted, but I could tell in her eyes that she felt the same way I did and not one time did I tell her how I was feeling. She has a certain way of connecting with people and putting it on canvas. This is not taught in any art school or could be bought with any amount of money! This my dear friend is talent!  Jan, to be so petite, has a very big heart! Not only did she paint my portrait, but I've made a new friend!  Thank you Jan! Thank you
Velvyn Hesler:
Jan every time I look at my portrait that you did, it takes my breath way . My family loves it and it is one thing I can leave to them when I go to be with God one day . You are a true artist, and a wonderful person.  Your work shows that you care so much for the people you paint.  Thank you so much .